Will A Degree Lead To A Great Career?

There are no guarantees that any degree, no matter how rigorous or encouraging the job outlook, will lead to a great career that satisfies both on a personal and financial level. Take a look here for the list of jobs that don’t need a degree.

Aptitude, career and interest assessments can go a long way toward helping you define your career goals, aptitudes and interests, but even completion of a custom designed degree plan offers no guarantees beyond the qualifications conferred on that hard won piece of paper.

Economic climate, job consolidation and the Great Career

It is estimated the average American will work a total of 11,000 days in their lifetime. Complicating matters is that he average worker will probability change careers six or seven times holding as many as 15 jobs along the way.

Some 30 million people report waking up each day to jobs they hate. The reasons these unhappy workers use for sticking with jobs they hate range from loss of a steady income and fear of change to an overall lack of personal information about their personal aptitudes and career goals.

man in doubt

None of these excuses can possibly overwhelm the improved quality of life that comes with doing work that holds relevance and purpose. Securing a great career is more dependent on personal awareness of interests, potential career options and the fortitude to follow through with the degree that offers the best prospect for meeting those criteria.

Degree – Concrete; Career Satisfaction – Elusive

Landing that “great career” will be a result of more than single-minded attention to degree credits and GPA. Employment and career experts agree, true occupational bliss comes from harnessing and honing your own natural talents and interests and through continually channeling them toward the career goal you envision.

We are all born with inherent gifts, natural talents and proclivities. Some people are natural leaders, for example, while others have a knack for taking a good idea and making it better. Still others possess unique analytic and financial talents. To those who possess these aptitudes, their jobs hardly seem like work because they have a natural flair for them.

The “Great Career” Recipe

Before being able to determine if your chosen degree is the best path towards a great career, you must first be able to define for yourself what a great career looks like.

For some, a great career is determined solely by income, or income potential. For others, knowing they are doing work that contributes something to the betterment of society regardless of income constitutes a great career. Doing work that helps the needy or disabled comprises the criteria for others.

For most of us, a great career encompasses some or all of these qualities. Some combination of job satisfaction, personal reward and sustainable income, even if temporarily deferred, make up the primary elements of the great career.

However, translating a degree into a great career, conjuring dreams into reality and adapting to unforeseen obstacles is easier said than done. However, by taking advantage of the numerous career resources available through school, library and the Internet and honestly assessing personal strengths and weaknesses, the opportunities to translate your chosen degree into a great career increase exponentially.

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